Intensive Driving Courses in Stevenage

At Momentum Driving School we specialise in intensive driving courses in Stevenage. We believe strongly that this is by far the best way to learn to drive. It’s how professional drivers such as the police, bus drivers and, even the driving examiner that will take you on your test, learnt to drive.

Many driving schools only offer to teach their pupils at an hourly rate but it’s been proven by the UK department of transport that on average a pupil that takes 1 or 2 hours tuition per week will take around 14 months to be get ready for their test. This can prove to be the longest and most expensive route to passing your test.

Intensive driving courses have been proven to be the fastest way for learners to learn everything they need to take and pass their driving test – and it can be all done in just 1 week.

Choosing the Intensive Driving Course that's right for you

Whether you’ve never taken a driving lesson before or you’re almost ready to take your driving test we have a course that’s right for you. Check out our Intensive Driving Course Prices to take a look at the different courses we offer and if you still need help choosing the course that's right for you please Contact Us for more information or book a Assessment Lesson so that one of our local driving instructors can assess your current skills and advise you on which course would be best for you.

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Our Recent Pupils

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Matt Field passed with Andrew Milne in Stevenage

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Dave Mcbride passed with Andrew Milne in Stevenage